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Extreme proportions character design challeng by jerseycajun

This is definitely an original looking character. But the design as a whole needs a little work.

Her line of action would be good if it were not for those strands of hair shooting off at such a conflicting angle with the rest of her body. I understand that you wanted to imply that the hair is blowing in the wind, but the action of the scene you roughed together does not imply wind blowing in that direction. If anything that tree in the background is implying that the action is flowing in the opposite direction. For fleshing out a new character design I would recommend a more standard three-quarter pose with a very minimal background and no interacting elements.

The proportions of the character itself I am not digging. They just don't seem to flow very well from one part of the body to the next. For example, I would have made her head really small; have her neck tapered starting from her head then widen much more at her shoulders (almost blending completely into her arms); keep the body fat; and make her arms and legs really short. What I'm getting at is that her arms and legs are too long(almost as long as her neck); I feel that the tallest part of her should only be her neck and the rest of her made to emphasize that fact.

Also, personal preference here, but lose the long hair. Make it short instead, again to emphasize that neck.

Hope you find this helpful.

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jerseycajun Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Well, my thought process was to initially go for dividing proportions 'not in half' while accentuating all of the most vertical aspects of giraffes (neck being the most notable, but not to take away from the limbs either). If I keep going with the overall exaggeration of the vertical elements, I may shorten the body further, lengthen the neck more, but retaining the stocky build. I also want to broaden the feet more. A creature this size walking on two feet needs extra surface contact with the ground, at least aesthetically, it's something I think people expect when they see weight and size, unless the goal was to make a character seem precarious. I want a little more stability though. /digression

I like the suggestion regarding the neck tapering, and showing more support for the weight at the base of the neck by widening it out, though I'm thinking more front to back than side to side. The latter I think would give off too much of a masculine feel for a female character.

Not quite so sure about shortening the other limbs to draw more attention to the neck. I have a thing about characters that get pushed so far that one begins to wonder how they would get their clothes on in the morning :) and it was all of the vertical aspects of the animal that I wanted to draw parallels between.

But hey, are you going to be doing any more requests any time? I'd let you have carte blanche on the character if she was chosen, and then I might be forced to concede :)
Uncle-Bang Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Professional Filmographer
Adding more girth to the feet may help with balancing the overall appearance, but then your character may start looking more Minotaur-like rather than giraffe-like. The knuckle-dragging style arms may also be throwing off the design because when I see something like that I start getting the impression that the character is more goblin or troll-like.

If you insist on making all the limbs long I would recommend throttling back the girth of her main body. Make it smaller to make the rest of her look really lanky and awkward.

As for another request thread: I've been thinking about starting one up, but I just haven't had the time to work on any personal projects.
jerseycajun Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I see where you're coming from as far as the arms are concerned (goblins and trolls). However, I think maybe the solution lay in making the limbs more lanky (less muscular) and more bony, like the counterpart's inspiration, and exaggerating the arms more.

I blocked out a second revision (no details)...

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